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Small Business Tax & Accounting with a focus on lowering your taxes & serving as your outsourced accountant.

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Tax Returns, Bookkeeping & Tax Reduction Planning

We're not your typical accounting firm, we help you achieve a future where you pay less in taxes, your financials are perfect and you get the guidance you need to grow your business.

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Our Other Services

Tax Reduction Planning

Small Business Tax Reduction Planning with a focus on maximizing your savings and strategizing for long-term financial efficiency.

Business Startup

We'll help you start your business right with our business startup services & coaching.


We'll help you setup, convert to, and manage an S-Corporation, which is often part of great tax planning.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Business Tax Preparation

Small Business Tax & Accounting with a focus on lowering your taxes & being your outsourced accountant.

CPA, Tax & Accounting for Small Business

We come alongside small businesses and tackle all tax, accounting, payroll and bookkeeping needs.

Business Tax Preparation

We’ll tackle your small business tax returns.  Whether you’re a schedule C, 1120s, or C-Corp, you can rest assured your taxes are done right.

Bookkeeping Services

We’ll handle all the bookkeeping for your business, ensuring you have accurate accounting, meaningful reports and the information necessary to avoid surprises.

Business Startup

You deserve to keep as much of your own money as legally possible, and we’ll provide analysis and strategies throughout the year to help you reduce your taxes.

LLC vs. S-Corp

You deserve to keep as much of your own money as legally possible, and we’ll provide analysis and strategies throughout the year to help you reduce your taxes.

Industries We Serve

Bookkeeping Service for Epoxy Floor Contractors & Concrete Floor Coating Companies

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Concrete Flooring is a tough business, we'll handle your accounting, bookkeeping & tax so you can focus on your business.

General Contractors & Builders

Whether you're a painter, flooring contractor, plumber, or remodeler, we'll help you reduce your taxes & keep pristine financials.

Digital Agencies & Freelancers

We'll do your accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax returns to help you lower taxes.


We'll handle the books, taxes & accounting while diligently working to reduce your taxes & help you scale your business.

Expert CPA and accounting services in Iowa by Performance Financial

Don’t Settle for a Typical Accountant

Performance Financial is different than your typical CPA, Tax and Accounting firm.  We provide year-round, pro-active tax planning advice and services rather than reactive tax preparation for Pella, IA businesses.

Pro-active vs. Reactive Advice

When small businesses get pro-active tax planning, they’re able to reduce their taxes in a significant way.

We Find Tax Savings

Most tax firms are too busy during tax season to actually give you the quality attention you deserve. Our business model is built to provide the best advice & service.

Bookkeeping Done-for-You

We’re a one stop shop that handles all of your accounting, bookkeeping, tax and planning.  For a fraction of the cost a part time employee, you’ll get top-tier accounting & tax advice usually reserved for large corporations.

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Affordable Solutions for Every Small Business

Your small business will receive the overall outcomes that an in-house accountant or bookkeeper would deliver, at a fraction of the cost.  

Compared to an in-house accountant, we're more competent, more reliable, tax efficient and on a relentless pursuit to keep your Des Moines business.


Typical Tax Savings Clients Experience


Typical Staff Hours Saved 12hrs/week


Typical Staff Costs Saved at $22/hr


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We'll examine your tax return for tax reduction opportunities, and examine your financials to develop a solution that works for you.

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Construction Companies

If you're looking for an accountant for a contractor, builder or construction company, call us!


Taxes & Accounting for 1099 income earners can be confusing, we make saving taxes & staying organized easy.

Small Businesses

Small business taxes, payroll and accounting.

Don't Wait Another Day! You'll Miss Tax Savings & Peace of Mind

Deadlines are everywhere for tax strategies, and your business deserves the peace of mind, and strategic advantage we can provide.

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Performance Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax for Small Business

Learn more about our approach

Best Tax Accountant for Small Business

How to Find the Best Tax Accountant for Small Business

We do bookkeeping, business tax return preparation, payroll services and tax reduction planning; but we've found that we can become a partner for businesses to help them build a more scalable and profitable operation.

We know businesses thrive when they have an accounting team throughout the year helping them make decisions, tackle the monotonous bookkeeping tasks, and guide them to wisely scale their operation in a profitable manner.

At Performance Financial, we don't just file taxes, provide bookkeeping services & setup payroll, we empower businesses to truly thrive.

The best accountants for business owners will be pro-active, they will aggressively work throughout the year to help them reduce taxes, all while guiding them to scale their business.

Outsourced accounting services, that provide bookkeeping, tax and payroll, are a fantastic solution for businesses because it allows them to focus their time, investment and energy on production, sales, management and leadership.

Outsourced Accounting services help your business run more efficiently.

Your team should focus on production & sales, and allow us to handle the bookkeeping, payroll and administration that makes the team struggle.

We can finish in minutes, what takes most staff administration hours.

The best business accountants make it their mission to improve their customers profitability, scalability, efficiency & productivity.

We know that we can help you reduce your taxes, but there's a great deal of opportunity to help scale businesses with simple CFO level guidance.

Choose an Outsourced Accountant

We handle everything, making your life easy.

We've combined bookkeeping, with tax reduction planning, payroll & tax into one service which we call our "outsourced accounting service".

Bookkeeping is the foundation of tax planning, and when we engage throughout the year with guidance and tax planning, we're in position to have a simple tax return. Our services are highly intertwined, and there's major benefits handling the bookkeeping together with the tax planning and tax returns.  

This approach is something we've come to call the "outsourced accounting" service, and we have other peers across the country that are similarly committed to value, integration and helping businesses truly benefit.  We're happy be amongst such amazing outsourced accountants like San Francisco CPA & Business Accountant Asnani CPA, Miami Business Accountant & CPA Pulver CPA, Bookkeeper & CPA Near Chicago Wiggs CPA and CPA Business Accountant near Pheonix AZ Whyte CPA. These outsourced accountants are also outsourced accountants and we're eager to collaborate in our marketing with them.

There's a great deal of smaller tax accountants that have some interesting blogs about reducing taxes, establishing good bookkeeping practices and setting up the right payroll, such as Minneapolis CPA & Bookkeeper Passageway Financial, Cleveland Bookkeeper & Business Accountant CBW, Sacramento Bookkeeper & Tax Accountant Rue Accounting, Fort Myers CPA Bookkeeper & Business Accountant Ashley Fineman and many others.

Book a Tax Strategy Call Now

If you're looking for an outsourced accountant, bookkeeper & tax strategist, then it's imperative you connect with us for a free tax strategy call.

  • We'll analyze your tax return
  • Identify ways to reduce taxes
  • Analyze your bookkeeping
  • Create a scope of work & proposal
  • Get things cleaned up & caught up once and for all
  • Tackle your taxes, bookkeeping and payroll
  • Provide year-round, aggressive tax reduction planning
Should I hire a year-round CPA?

Year-Round Tax Accountant vs. a Year End Tax Accountant

It's imperative that business owners work with a certified public accountant or proactive tax planner throughout the year so that they can actually manage their business well and do everything possible to mitigate taxes.

If you're just waiting till year end to talk to your accountant or cpa, you're missing out on opportunities to significantly reduce your taxes.

All of the good Tax Strategies require proactive investment and intentional planning.

You may think that tax planning is all about finding the best business deductions, but it's much more than that. Here at Performance Financial tax and accounting, we engaged throughout the year with our customers to understand how their business operates, and then guide them to achieve their business goals.

Some of our businesses simply want to mitigate taxes and reduce expenses, while other business clients want to scale and grow their business as much as possible. We build plans and systems to help you truly achieve your goals.

You should not work with a reactive accountant or CPA, you should only work with a Certified Public Accountant that’s engaged year-long, helps you establish sound financials, and comes to you with ideas for tax reduction planning, estate planning and to build a more profitable and scalable business.

Deciding whether or hire a year-round CPA depends on your specific financial situation and the complexity of your business.

If you're wondering if a year-round CPA is a suitable choice for your business, consider the following:

  1. Business complexity: If your business has multiple revenue sources, financial structures, or international operations, partnering with a year-round CPA such as Performance Financial can help navigate these complexities.
  2. Size of the business: A CPA can assist in helping maintain accurate financial records by handling financial transactions, payroll, and taxes.
  3. Tax planning: With year-round reporting, you can benefit from proactive tax planning strategies, keeping on top of potential deductions and credits.
  4. Expert advice: Performance Financial's year-round CPA services offer you a trusted advisor for finances throughout the year. Assisting you making informed decisions that result in your business's long-term success.
  5. Financial reporting: A year-round CPA provides regular financial reports and analysis showing valuable insights into your business's financial health. This information allows for informed decisions about budgeting, investments, and ground opportunities.

Deciding to hire a year-round CPA should be based on your business's specific needs, objectives, and budget.

If you're uncertain whether a year-round CPA is right for your business, our team at Performance Financial would be pleased to discuss your unique situation and examine the potential advantages and costs of hiring a year-round CPA.