CPA Tax Accountant for Digital Agencies & Digital Marketers

Accountant, Bookkeeper, and Tax Planner for Digital Agencies

We'll do your accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, and tax returns to help you lower taxes.

Tax Savings


Average Savings


Get Lowered Taxes & Rock-Solid Bookkeeping

Build a More Scalable Agency with Outsourced Accounting

Never Overpay in Tax While Keeping Your Business Efficient.

Integrated Bookkeeping with Tax Reduction

We combine year-round tax reduction planning with tax returns, bookkeeping, and payroll for turnkey service.

Avoid Mistakes & Stay Focused

Don't waste time on your taxes, payroll, or accounting; we'll handle everything so you can focus.

Improve Profitability & Scalability

Outsourcing your books, tax planning & accounting means you can focus staff on production & sales.

Get Peace of Mind & Excellent Financials

Bookkeeping, Tax Accounting & CFO Guidance

We empower you and your team to focus on production, sales & growth instead of wasting your staff's energy on administration & bookkeeping.

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We'll Tackle Everything

What's All Included with Our Outsourced Accounting

Sure, we tackle your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes - but we're so much more than that.  We're focused on helping businesses build more profitable and scalable operations, while helping them do everything possible to reduce taxes, improve productivity, and scale.

Establish Perfect Financials

We start everything by cleaning up your accounting, and establishing a perfect chart of accounts.

Operational Excellence Snapshot

We'll perform an audit of your business operations, and develop a plan to help you hit your goals.

Create a Tax Reduction Plan

We'll develop a comprehensive & ingenious plan to mitigate your taxes, and then we do everything necessary to implement that plan.

Provide Top-Tier Monthly Bookkeeping

We'll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.

Setup the Best Payroll

We'll ensure your payroll is optimized and running perfectly for your business needs.

Pay in Taxes & Avoid Surprises

We'll pay in your taxes, in alignment with our tax reduction plan and your revenue, so that you don't get behind or waste your own time submitting tax payments.

Connect Monthly or Quarterly

We'll connect with you throughout the year to help your team build a more profitable and scalable operation.

Year-End Financial Statements

We'll close out your books and help create fantastic financial statements at the caliber you deserve.

Prepare & File Tax Returns

We'll make the year end tax returns easy, and ensure that they're done to perfection.

Help you Build Wealth

Along the way, we'll help you build tax efficient wealth by serving as a CFO & guide.

Tax Accountants for Digital Agencies & Freelancers

Lowered Taxes & Perfect Bookkeeping

As a digital agency or freelancer, you know the importance of focusing on what you do best.

That's why our specialized accounting firm is here to help you lower your taxes, maintain accurate books, stay compliant with the IRS, and free up your time to focus on your business.

Performance Financial

Don't Wait Another Day! You'll Miss Tax Savings & Peace of Mind

Deadlines are everywhere for tax strategies, and your business deserves the peace of mind, and strategic advantage we can provide.

Tax Savings


Scale Your Agency & Reduce Your Taxes

Tax Accountant for Digital Agencies & Digital Marketers

We specialize in helping digital marketers, website agencies, creative agencies, and freelancers with their bookkeeping, tax returns, payroll, and tax reduction planning.

Instead of providing the standard accounting service, we serve as an outsourced accountant.

We are not your typical accountant.

The typical accounting firm gets so busy doing scores, hundreds, or even thousands of individual tax returns, but they cannot provide comprehensive strategic guidance to small businesses.

Most accounting firms get too busy to provide really good analysis and strategic guidance

We've built our business to provide the most value to small businesses.

You'll be thrilled about the responsiveness, proactive guidance, and better outcomes achieved because of our focus.

We provide an integrated service for small businesses; we deliver what we've come to call an outsourced accounting service for digital agencies, digital marketers, digital nomads, and freelance creatives.

What's Included In Our Outsourced Accounting Service?

  • Completely catch up and clean up your accounting and books
  • Create a comprehensive and in-depth tax reduction strategic plan
  • Do everything necessary to implement the tax plan and mitigate taxes.
  • Perform top-tier monthly bookkeeping and advisory.
  • Provide reports and dashboards to better understand and run your business.
  • Set up the perfect payroll and help your team run it.
  • Provide strategic guidance before year end for tax mitigation and growth planning.
  • Help you pay in your taxes throughout the year so you don't fall behind and have a large tax bill at the end of the year.
  • Prepare and file your end business taxes and personal taxes.
  • Provide guidance to build tax efficient wealth and scale your business

We Are Not Your Typical Accountant for Digital Marketers

Instead of being reactive and only working with our clients when necessary or at the end of the year, we provide proactive leadership to our customers to help them achieve better outcomes.

We are laser focused to help you:

  • Mitigate taxes and build tax efficient wealth
  • Do things properly and provide peace of mind while reducing risk
  • Improve efficiencies, productivity and help your business scale

We Ensure You Never Overpay In Taxes

Let our team assist you in choosing and optimizing the perfect business entity, such as an S-corporation, while also offering guidance on small business retirement plans and benefits investment.

We'll explore options like hiring your children and creating parallel companies to help reduce taxes and shift income.

Our experts are dedicated to identifying and leveraging every possible tax loophole, ensuring that you experience maximum tax savings.

Trust us to help you maximize your financial potential.

We Might Find Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Yearly Savings

Even if you're only making around $80,000 to $150,000 in net profits, we can often find ways to deeply mitigate your taxes.

If you're a larger business or agency that is generating significantly more net profit, the savings will probably be significantly more.

S-Corporation Setup & Maximization

One of the most important parts of tax reduction planning is ensuring that you are doing everything possible to maximize the benefits of an s-corporation.

While not every business is suitable to be converted to an S-corporation, for the most part, an S corporation will save social security and Medicare taxes.

We will help you set up an S-corp, maximize it, and avoid problems with your reasonable salary or any other requirements to run your S-corporation.

We make setting up and running an S-corporation a breeze.

CPA Tax Accountant for Digital Agencies & Digital Marketers

Maximize an S-Corp & Tax Reduction Plan

Never Overpay in Tax Again

We provide aggressive, proactive tax reduction planning so that you can do everything possible to pay as little tax as legally possible.

Performance Financial Tax & Accounting - Pellia, IA

Our Other Services

Tax Reduction Planning

Small Business Tax Reduction Planning with a focus on maximizing your savings and strategizing for long-term financial efficiency.

Business Startup

We'll help you start your business right with our business startup services & coaching.


We'll help you setup, convert to, and manage an S-Corporation, which is often part of great tax planning.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Business Tax Preparation

Small Business Tax & Accounting with a focus on lowering your taxes & being your outsourced accountant.

Bookkeeping Services For Digital Agencies, Web Designers & Digital Marketers

We’re starting to see a massive increase in the number of bookkeeping services across the nation, and most of them are creating a situation where amateurs or uneducated junior bookkeepers are completing bookkeeping.

When you choose bookkeeping services from Performance, our small team of accountants, CPAs, and tax strategists will be involved in your bookkeeping, so you know that things will be done to the highest standard.

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services for Digital Marketers & Digital Agency Bookkeepers

When you choose a bookkeeping service for your digital marketing agency or any other digital agency, you should work with a tax mitigation expert instead of just an outsourcing bookkeeping service for digital marketing agencies.

We have deep tax and bookkeeping knowledge.

Bookkeeping is the foundation of excellent tax reduction planning.

Choose a bookkeeping service for digital marketers without real-life, honest CPA tax guidance.

You'll find yourself making mistakes and having to redo things when the book's with your year-end tax accountant.

The stakes are far too high to settle for a typical bookkeeping service for digital agencies.

Having an integrated bookkeeping service with tax reduction planning and year-end tax return preparation means that you'll only have to manage one vendor.

In addition, you can call our small family team for advice whenever needed.

While we are a virtual bookkeeping service for digital agencies, we also are different than the typical software as a service bookkeeping service that you're starting to see out there.

You will be able to get comprehensive tax advice, fractional CFO guidance, and top-tier financial acumen with every phone call because we are concerned with working with a small group of business owners rather than scaling huge.

Most outsourced bookkeepers for digital agencies are too concerned about scaling their business rather than providing excellent comprehensive guidance about accounting.

Performance Financial bookkeeping services for digital marketers and agencies focus on delivering as much value as possible to the customer and providing great value so that they can focus on their business without having to stack layer after layer of additional services.

One Accounting & Bookkeeping Service For Digital Agencies

Our outsourced accounting service means that for a simple flat monthly fee, you will get bookkeeping, proactive tax reduction planning, tax return preparation, and authentic coaching and guidance from our CPA and accounting team throughout the year.

You won't have to coordinate between a bookkeeper and a tax person.

Because you have a single point of contact for your bookkeeping and tax accounting, you won't have to coordinate or spend any time connecting separate bookkeepers and CPAs.

You won't have to do as many emails, spend as much time, or worry about questions that the tax person would have of the bookkeeper.

Integrated tax accounting with bookkeeping services for digital agencies works tremendously well for our base of customers.

We've built this outsourced accounting service because it's what our customers love.

As a result, small business owners can achieve a better outcome in the future rather than simply getting their taxes done or bookkeeping completed.

Digital agencies will achieve a more profitable and scalable future when they choose our bookkeeping services and outsourced accounting service.

Year-End Taxes Done Right

Prompt, Helpful & Swift

We make your year-end taxes an absolute breeze, and you can rest assured they're done right by our team of CPAs and Tax Accountants.

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