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We help West Des Moines Iowa small businesses with their business taxes, accounting, bookkeeping & payroll

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Pro-Active Tax Accountant & CPA Near West Des Moines Iowa

Ready for lowered taxes, pristine books & perfectly prepared taxes?

We provide pro-active, highly engaged tax reduction planning & Bookkeeping for small businesses, and we love working with local West Des Moines small businesses.

Bookkeeping Service Done For You

We'll do your bookkeeping for you, keeping your team freed up.

Pro-Active Tax Mitigation

We'll do everything possible to lower taxes for your West Des Moines Tax Returns.

Get CFO Level Guidance

We've built a competent team alongside CPA Drake Vant Hul, and you'll get valuable perspective.

CPA Near West Des Moines Iowa

Eliminate Tax Liability Surprises

We work with small businesses to eliminate tax surprises, and we work to lower your taxes by handling your bookkeeping & accounting to allow you to focus on your business.

Our goal is to allow you to run your business without worrying about finances.

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Accountant Near West Des Moines Iowa

Consistent Year-Long Meetings

We connect with you on a regular basis and we work to lower your taxes whilst handling all of the bookkeeping and accounting. Our overview will highlight areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

With up-to-date financial information that is laid out and organized, it allows your business to obtain funding. Performance Financial is your accountant if you want to get organized tax plans.

Performance Financial

Don't Wait Another Day! You'll Miss Tax Savings & Peace of Mind

Deadlines are everywhere for tax strategies, and your business deserves the peace of mind, and strategic advantage we can provide.

Tax Savings


West Des Moines Small Business Tax & Bookkeeping Services

Lowered Business Taxes & Simplified Bookkeeping

If you're ready for an aggressive tax reduction plan that allows you to scale your business & build wealth. Performance Financial is here to help.

Our accountant team focuses on helping West Des Moines, Iowa, small businesses deliver better outcomes than your typical West Des Moines CPA firm.

Our Goals for West Des Moines Small Businesses:

This is Exclusively for Small Businesses.

We're focused on providing the best services for the small businesses we serve, and we accomplish these three goals that a typical West Des Moines CPA doesn't.

1 - Plan Pro-Actively for Taxes & Generate Wealth

Year-Round, Aggressive Tax Reduction Strategies.

Performance Financial has an aggressive tax reduction planning service that helps our clients save more money for their business by reducing taxes for West Des Moines small businesses.

We want to help you generate wealth through different tax reduction strategies that we use.

2 - Save You Time With Our Model

Generate reports safely and easily

With our Outsourced Accounting Model, we take care of all the books, set them up, and keep them organized.

We create a comprehensive tax plan based on the current and prior tax year. The payroll is set up through us, so we take the burden of getting it set up and running off of your back.

We close the books at the end of the year and make the tax season a breeze for you. Then we help guide you by providing you wealth-building strategies.

3 - Mitigate Risks & Comply With The IRS

Stay Compliant and Reduce Risk

In order to mitigate risks, we will need to plan tax reductions that we can go through so we can pay as little as possible to the State of Iowa and then federal taxes.

Small Business Tax Accountant West Des Moines Iowa

Optimize Your Taxes to Get The Most Money For Your Business

Finding the right tax accountant in West Des Moines can be tricky.

We aim to help small businesses with their taxes and create a tax reduction plan to ensure you get the most out of your money.

Please schedule a free tax analysis conversation about your West Des Moines small business.

Performance Financial Tax & Accounting - Pellia, IA

Our Other Services

Tax Reduction Planning

Small Business Tax Reduction Planning with a focus on maximizing your savings and strategizing for long-term financial efficiency.

Business Startup

We'll help you start your business right with our business startup services & coaching.


We'll help you setup, convert to, and manage an S-Corporation, which is often part of great tax planning.

Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses

Business Tax Preparation

Small Business Tax & Accounting with a focus on lowering your taxes & being your outsourced accountant.

Bookkeeper Near West Des Moines Iowa

West Des Moines Iowa Bookkeeping Services

We know how vital bookkeeping is to any small business, and we view bookkeeping as the foundation of everything great for your company.

Without excellent bookkeeping, your business might:

  • Get audited by the IRS or State of Iowa
  • Accrue penalties and interest from mistakes
  • Fail to understand your business financials
  • Miss opportunities when borrowing or financing
  • Lose tax reduction planning opportunities
  • Remain stagnant from a lack of forecasting & financial planning

We provide prompt & excellent bookkeeping services.

Free Resources


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Don't Settle for a Reactive Tax Accountant

Get Pro-Active, Year-Round Guidance

Most businesses end up creating a mess throughout the year and missing out on tax reduction opportunities because they don't work with a proactive and year-long tax strategist. We come alongside our business owners to handle all the bookkeeping, tax, accounting and payroll, and we provide aggressive, tax reduction planning every week.

Performance Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping & Tax for Small Business

Learn more about our approach

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We'll Tackle Everything

What's All Included with Our Outsourced Accounting

Sure, we tackle your accounting, bookkeeping and taxes - but we're so much more than that.  We're focused on helping businesses build more profitable and scalable operations, while helping them do everything possible to reduce taxes, improve productivity, and scale.

Establish Perfect Financials

We start everything by cleaning up your accounting, and establishing a perfect chart of accounts.

Operational Excellence Snapshot

We'll perform an audit of your business operations, and develop a plan to help you hit your goals.

Create a Tax Reduction Plan

We'll develop a comprehensive & ingenious plan to mitigate your taxes, and then we do everything necessary to implement that plan.

Provide Top-Tier Monthly Bookkeeping

We'll provide excellent bookkeeping every month, keeping you up to date and doing it to perfection.

Setup the Best Payroll

We'll ensure your payroll is optimized and running perfectly for your business needs.

Pay in Taxes & Avoid Surprises

We'll pay in your taxes, in alignment with our tax reduction plan and your revenue, so that you don't get behind or waste your own time submitting tax payments.

Connect Monthly or Quarterly

We'll connect with you throughout the year to help your team build a more profitable and scalable operation.

Year-End Financial Statements

We'll close out your books and help create fantastic financial statements at the caliber you deserve.

Prepare & File Tax Returns

We'll make the year end tax returns easy, and ensure that they're done to perfection.

Help you Build Wealth

Along the way, we'll help you build tax efficient wealth by serving as a CFO & guide.