September 11, 2023

11 Best Bookkeeping Services for Contractors & Construction Companies

Tops Bookkeeping Services for Contractors & Construction Companies

Top 11 Bookkeeping Services for Contractors & Construction Businesses

We are Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting, and we provide bookkeeping services for contractors, construction companies and other small businesses.

We're a Bookkeeping Service & Tax Firm out of Des Moines, but we serve contractors across the United States.

Our SEO Team said it would be a good idea to pull this list together, so we could introduce ourselves.

We wrote the following article showcasing the best bookkeeping services for contractors & construction companies so we could introduce ourselves.

We Specialize in Bookkeeping & Taxes for Contractors

After reading all sorts of lists of the best accountants for contractors, some articles showcasing the best accounting platforms for contractors like Nerd Wallet, Software Advice, and other roundups, we knew we wanted to help smaller contractors.

11 Best Bookkeepers for Construction

What is the best bookkeeping service for construction & contractors? 

Performance Financial Bookkeeping Services for Contractors of course!

We don't just provide bookkeeping services for contractors & builders, we also provide pro-active, aggressive tax reduction planning, along with CFO level guidance to help contractors improve.

What to Look for in a Construction Bookkeeping Service?

  • Monthly & Weekly Job Costing
  • Ability to Work with Construction Bookkeeping Software or Make Do with Quickbooks
  • Has experience & ideas to improve cash flow
  • Will help you reduce taxes every month
  • Helps your business scale with guidance on bond ability
  • Helps with AIA billing, job costing & other constriction specific accounting functions - but for small contractors

You see, it's easy to find an accountant for a large contractor, but we specialize in helping every-day contractors, builders and construction companies improve their operations with excellent bookkeeping services, tax planning, payroll service and more.

If you need a great bookkeeping service for contractors, connect with us here at Performance Financial.

11 Best Bookkeeping Services for Construction & Contractors

Without further ado, here are the top 11 bookkeeping services for construction companies, contractors & builders.

#1 Bookkeeping Service for Contractors - Performance Financial

Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting.

Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting specializes in Bookkeeping Services for Construction.

We put ourselves as the #1 construction bookkeeping service because of the reputation we've been able to build over the years, and our passion to deliver excellent results.

We provide bookkeeping services for contractors, tax reduction planning for contractors, and we help them with their tax returns.

Most bookkeepers for construction companies end up getting too busy with accounting, that they're unable to provide pro-active tax reduction planning.

Performance Financials' Bookkeeping for Construction Includes Tax Reduction Planning.

If you're looking for fantastic solution as a contractor, then connect with us for a free tax strategy call & bookkeeping analysis.

#2 Bookkeeping Service for Contractors & Construction - Surety CFO

Surety CFO New York

Our second pick for best bookkeeping service for contractors is Surety CFO out of New York.

Paramita of Surety CFO specializes in serving as a fractional CFO for contractors, and she comes alongside them to help them build up their ability to get surety bonding.

Here at Performance Financial, we're also able to provide fractional CFO Services for contractors, but we know that Paramita does a fantastic job.

Our second pick for the best bookkeeping services for contractors & construction companies is Surety CFO.

#3 Bookkeeping Service for Contractors - Passageway Financial

Passageway Financial CPA Tax & Accounting Minneapolis

Our third pick for the best bookkeeping service for contractors is Passageway Financial out of Minneapolis.  Trevor and Anna Haug provide outsourced accounting services for small businesses, including bookkeeping, tax return preparation and other accounting services.

Trevor Haug is a CPA, and they're also aligned to deliver tax reduction planning for contractors, as well as tax return preparation services & payroll services near Minneapolis.

#4 Bookkeeping Services for Contractors - Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting

Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting Pheonix AZ

Our fourth pick for the best bookkeeping service for contractors and construction companies is Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting, a CPA Firm Near Pheonix Arizona.

Devin Whyte is a CPA that provides bookkeeping services for construction companies & contractors.

He's also aligned to provide pro-active tax reduction planning, payroll services & bookkeeping for small businesses - particularly contractors and construction companies.

If you're looking for a construction bookkeeping service, then you should definitely check out Whyte CPA Tax & Accounting.

#5 Bookkeeping Service for Contractors & Construction - Asnani CPA Bookkeeping & Tax

Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting

Shamal Asnani, a CPA & Bookkeeper in San Francisco, is another bookkeeper that specializes in helping construction, contractors and other trades based businesses.

Shamal and Rachel provide a bookkeeping service for construction companies and contractors that's also rooted in tax reduction planning and pro-active, actively engaged outsourced accounting services. They also serve as a CPA near San Jose, and the Bay area - diligently serving local San Francisco Bay Area small businesses.

#6 Bookkeeper for Construction & Contractors Ashley Fineman CPA 

Ashley Fineman CPA is a bookkeeping & accountant that specializes in construction, contractors & more.

Our sixth pick for the best bookkeeping service for contractors & construction companies comes from Certified Public Accountant, Ashley Fineman at Reduce My Tax.

Ashley provides bookkeeping for contractors, as well as providing tax preparation services near Fort Myers, tax reduction planning and full, outsourced accounting services to all small businesses. Ashley is focused on helping businesses do everything possible to reduce their taxes, build a more scalable business.

Whether you're a landscaping contractor, remodeler, or sub-contractor, Ashley Fineman bookkeeping service near Houston

#7 Construction Bookkeeping Service - Johnathan Sena CPA

Johnathan Sena is a Certified Public Accountant, and he provides bookkeeping services near Florida, and in particular, provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services for contractors, construciton companies and sub-contractors.

If you're looking for someone who knows construction accounting & bookkeeping, Johnathan is certainly a great resource.

#8 - Bookkeeping Services for Contractors & Construction - Sentinel Accounting & Tax KY

Our eight pick for a fantastic construction bookkeeping service, or accountant for contractors, is Sentinel Tax and Accounting, who provides bookkeeping services near Lexington Kentucky.  

#9 - Bookkeeping Services for Contractors - CBW Bookkeeping & Accounting

Catreal Wood, of CBW Tax & Accounting in Cleveland Ohio, provides bookkeeping services for contractors as well. Catreal provides pro-active tax planning, business tax preparation and full-service accounting for all small businesses across the nation, but also specializes as a business accountant near Cleveland Ohio.

She's a high caliber bookkeeper, tax planner and accountant that will take your contracting business to the next level.

#10 Bookkeeping Service for Contractors - Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting

Wiggs CPA Tax & Accounting Chicago

Darion Wiggs is a Chicago based Certified Public Accountant, that provides bookkeeping services, tax reduction planning and tax return preparation services for construction companies, contractors and other trades businesses.

#11 Bookkeeping Services for Contractors - Equivion CPA Tax & Accounting

Equivion CPA, Bookkeeping & Tax Chicago

After years spent at Deloitte, John and Dawid started Equivion, particularly to provide top-tier bookkeeping, accounting, sales tax & payroll services for Contractors.  They are a business accountant near Chicago, and provide bookkeeping services as part of their outsourced accounting services as well.

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11 Best Bookkeeping Services for Contractors & Construction Companies

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