March 30, 2023

5 Reasons To Shop Local in Des Moines, IA

Experience the unique and personalized shopping experience of local businesses near Des Moines, IA with our guide to the top five reasons to shop local. Find out how you can support the community and discover one-of-a-kind products.

As a small business ourselves, Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting located near Des Moines, IA, we know the importance of supporting local businesses.

Not only does it help strengthen the local economy, but it also allows for a more unique shopping experience.

Local small businesses need you more than on "Small Business Saturday", they need your support year-round.

Are you looking for some great local small businesses to support near Des Moines, IA?

In this article, we'll discuss five reasons why shopping local near Des Moines, IA is a great idea as well as providing some great small businesses to support.

Invest in Your Community

Local small businesses are often owned and operated by individuals within the community, and the money you spend at their store goes back into the community.

This helps create jobs and boosts the local economy.

By shopping at local businesses, you're investing in the community and helping to create a more vibrant and thriving local economy.

Supporting local businesses empowers Des Moines small business owners and allows them to continue pursuing their passion while making a living.

It also helps build local resilience and create a more sustainable community in the Des Moines Metropolitan area.

By supporting businesses within the community, we are creating a stronger and more self-reliant local economy than can withstand economic challenges.

Experience the Local Artistry

When you shop at local Des Moines businesses, you have the opportunity to experience the artistry of local makers firsthand.

These products are often created with care and attention to detail, resulting in truly exceptional and unique products.

Sometimes, the handmade and artisanal products inspire your own creativity and individual expression.

What I really enjoy is finding those really unique and one-of-a-kind treasures that I can't find anywhere else.

There is something more appealing when you can look, touch, and feel the product versus seeing a picture on Etsy.

Most of the time, these items are often handmade or sourced locally.

What better way to find truly personalized gifts!

Create Lasting Connections

One of the benefits of shopping at a local business near Des Moines, IA is the personalized service and higher level of hospitality and customer service you'll receive.

Having the ability to really connect with local experts can result in lasting relationships and valued recommendations and advice.

It becomes more than just a positive shopping experience, you create a sense of community and support that lasts beyond that single transaction.

Make A Difference In Your Hometown

Local businesses often serve as gathering places for the community, allowing you to build connections with your neighbors and create a sense of belonging.

There have been numerous times where I see a group of folks chatting about their daily lives with the staff and business owners and seeing that is so refreshing.

These businesses are often owned and operated by people who live in the area, and they are invested in the community.

By supporting local businesses near Des Moines, you are joining a movement that values community, creativity, and sustainability.

Shop Sustainably

Products sourced locally helps to reduce your carbon footprint and supports sustainable practices, which means that they require less transportation to get to the store.

This reduces the amount of carbon emissions associated with transporting products, which is better for the environment.

Many local businesses prioritize eco-friendly practices and sustainability, so by shopping local, you're supporting these important efforts.

Are you interested in shopping local near Des Moines, IA? There are many great options to choose from.

Here are just a few of Performance Financial favorites.

Pocket Guide to Des Moines, IA Local Small Business


505 East Grand Ave. | Des Moines, IA 50309

515-288-1323 |

Raygun is a Des Moines-based company that offers unique t-shirts, hats, and other home accessories with quirky sayings and designs.

They have several locations throughout the city, including one in the East Village.

We love their witty and clever designs, and the company has a loyal following.

Many customers appreciate the locally-inspired designs that pay homage to Des Moines and Iowa.

Their sense of humor and irreverence is also a big draw for many, with customers describing the products on Google Reviews as "funny," "creative," and "whimsical."

They have a fabulous story and are proud to say their products are "from raw materials to assembly to printing, is made in the USA or sweatshop-free overseas."

What really stands out is how they give back to the community.

On their "Giving Back" website page, there are over 14 pages of all the nonprofits, community organizations, and schools they have partnered with or contributed to, including Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Midwest Environmental Advocates. Inspiring.

Raygun is a must-visit shopping destination for anyone looking for a unique and fun shopping experience near Des Moines.

Whether you're a local or just passing through, Raygun is sure to leave a lasting impression with its clever designs and friendly atmosphere.

Get Social with Raygun | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM


900 Keosauqua way #335 | Des Moines, IA 50309

(515) 523-0240 |


Domestica is a local boutique near the East Village that features unique and handcrafted gifts, housewares, and art.

With a strong focus on supporting independent artists and makers, the store offers a curated selection of products that are both beautiful and functional.

Customers appreciate the personalized service and unique products that Domestica offers.

They also rave about the store's friendly and knowledgeable staff, who are always on hand to offer personalized recommendations and advice.

Owner and operator, Chrissy Jensen, does a phenomenal job with product placement.

As soon as you walk in, the colors and design just makes you want to smile. Very inviting atmosphere and helpful staff.

Customers describe her store as "charming," "inviting," and "inspiring."

As an added bonus, I suggest going to her website - there are recipes, reviews, videos, and more!

My recommendation is the organic olive oil from Pineapple Cooperative.

The containers come in different fun colors and the website provides a great drink recipe for it with an accompanying YouTube video.

We at Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting appreciate the store's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

It's handmade and locally-sourced products also make it a popular destination if you are looking for original and meaningful gifts.

Whether you are a local or just passing through, Domestica is a must-visit destination for anyone.

Get Social with Domestica | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST

Kitchen Collage


(515) 270-8202 |

Kitchen Collage

Kitchen Collage is a locally-owned kitchen supply store located in the historic Beaverdale neighborhood.

They offer a wide range of high-quality kitchenware, cookbooks, and specialty food items.

Customers love the knowledgeable staff and the high-quality products that Kitchen Collage offers as well as the helpful staff, who are always happy to provide advice and recommendations.

FYI - the recipes on her website are to die for! The Blood Orange Galette - yum!

Online you can sign up for cooking classes, create a registry, view and save recipes, and shop all products.

The store's selection of unique and hard-to-find kitchen items is also a big draw for customers like us, who appreciate the opportunity to find specialized kitchen tools and equipment.

You can tell that the products are carefully chosen for their quality and durability.

Whether you are a seasoned cook or just starting out, Kitchen Collage is the perfect destination for anyone looking for top-quality kitchen products and an exceptional shopping experience.

Get Social with Kitchen Collage | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Sign up for their newsletter here.

Beaverdale Books

2629 Beaver Avenue | Des Moines, IA 50310

515-279-5400 |

Beaverdale Books is a beloved local bookstore located in the Beaverdale neighborhood.

They offer a wide selection of new and used books, as well as greeting cards, journals, and other unique items.

Many customers love the store's selection of unique and hard-to-find books, as well as their continued support for the local authors and independent publishers.

The store also hosts a variety of author events, book clubs, and other community events, making it a hub for book lovers and literary enthusiasts.

What I really appreciate about this store, is that it sells books.

It is so rare to see a bookstore these days other than Barnes & Noble. Anyone else remember B. Dalton or Waldenbooks?

Overall, Beaverdale Bookstore is for anyone looking for high-quality books, exceptional customer service, and a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

This store is a true gem in the heart of Des Moines.

Get Social with Beaverdale Books | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Silver Fox

837 42nd Street | Des Moines, Iowa 50312

(515) 283-2725

Silver Fox is a boutique clothing store located in the Historic Valley Junction shopping district.

They offer a wide range of women's clothing and accessories, including many unique and handmade items.

Customers love the friendly staff and the high-quality products that Silver Fox offers.

Many customers like the store's focus on high-quality, ethically-made products, with many items sourced from local and independent designers.

The store has a commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, which is a big draw with many customers appreciating the opportunity to shop consciously and responsibly.

Google reviews like, "The selection at Silver Fox is incredible - I always find something unique and stylish that I can't find anywhere else" are a trend.

If you are shopping for stylish and original women's clothing, accessories, and jewelry, as well as experiencing a premium customer service experience who are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, Silver Fox should be your next stop.

Get Social with the Silver Fox | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Subscribe here.

Support Des Moines By Shopping Local

East Village | Des Moines | IA

In conclusion, shopping local near Des Moines, IA has many benefits.

Not only does it support the local economy and create a sense of community, but it also allows for a more unique and personalized shopping experience.

If you're interested in supporting local businesses, we recommend checking out some of the options we've highlighted above.

These are just a few examples of the many great local businesses that Des Moines has to offer.

Remember, as a small business ourselves, Performance Financial CPA Tax & Accounting located near Des Moines, IA, we understand the importance of shopping local.

We encourage you to consider the impact of your purchases and to support local businesses whenever possible.

By doing so, you'll be helping to create a stronger, more vibrant community and supporting the businesses and individuals who make Des Moines such a special place to live and work.

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5 Reasons To Shop Local in Des Moines, IA

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